Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sheriff Grady Judd on animal hoarding: "It was a wretched mess"

Laura Kadechka

Lakeland, Florida -- The smell of the Miranda Trail home where Polk County Sheriff's deputies seized 184 dogs is described as "putrid" and had rats that deputies say competed in size with some of the dogs.

"It would gag you. It would be the burning sensation of the eyes that would get ammonia in your face," described Sheriff Grady Judd.

Photo Gallery: Pictures of the dogs removed from the home

Despite the "horrific" conditions of the home, Judd says he does not believe 61-year-old Bradley Roden and his 71-year-old wife Elizabeth let it happen in malice.

"They're not rescue folks, they're hoarders. Quite frankly, these folks have a love of animals. I don't think they have criminal mischief at heart. I think that they're overwhelmed by the volume of animals," said Sheriff Judd.

Deputies say they were tipped off about the Rodens when their address came up in a similar investigation in Marion County...." More & video

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