Saturday, March 12, 2011

More than 60 animals seized from Arkansas home Continue reading on More than 60 animals seized from Arkansas home - National Dogs

By: Penny Eims

Sebastian County, Arkansas - On Friday, over 60 dogs, cats, goats and ducks were rescued from what appears to be yet another hoarding situation.

The Sebastian County Sheriff responded to investigate a potential puppy mill at 4705 Bloomer Road in Bloomer - but it was not a puppy mill - instead, it was a home that was over-flowing with animals.

According to deputies, the interior of the home was a deplorable mess. Over 30 dogs, as well as goats, lived in the home's living room area.

Outside of the home were cages, kennel runs and dogs on chains - some of the dogs were dead, chains still attached.

Shockingly, not only were there people living in the residence, but six children. The children were removed to the care of the Department of Humane Services.

These mind-boggling cases of animal hoarding seem to be more and more frequently encountered.

Is it a result of people trying to "rescue" dogs and cats and becoming over-whelmed? Is it mental illness? Is it a combination of both?

Whatever the root problem is, it seems to be growing in frequency..." More

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