Friday, March 11, 2011

Dozens of cats awaiting homes in massive hoarding case

by Mark Wiggins

KILLEEN - When neighbors called police Monday reporting a bad smell coming from a home near Granada Drive, no one imagined what lay behind the door.

"I've been in this business for 23 years," says Killeen Animal Control Manager Stacie Sherva. "This is the largest hoarding situation that I've seen."

Sherva says workers discovered about 80 animals, mostly cats, crammed into a single home. For a shelter that typically houses anywhere from 100 to 140 animals, it's a staggering number.

"It was a bit overwhelming, the smell of the animals was the first thing that would take us back," says Sherva. "The magnitude of how many cats were in one spot was more than we hold here at the shelter."

Sherva says she was surprised to find the owners were already working with a local cat rescue organization, and they voluntarily surrendered 61 animals, including three dogs, to authorities..." More & video

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