Saturday, March 12, 2011

Animal Hoarding, How We Can Make a Difference


Many people who watch animal hoarding shows on television view this kind of animal abuse as a problem "out there." To them, it has nothing at all to do with their own lives.

However, all of us can be involved in stopping this animal neglect even though we may not be hoarders ourselves. In fact, we may actually be unknowingly contributing to the problem even while we are pointing a finger at the people features on such TV shows.

Let's be sure we understand the definition of animal hoarding. According to the Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium, animal hoarding is defined by the following criteria:

* A person has an unusually large number of animals.

* They are unable to provide acceptable standards of nutrition, care, shelter and veterinary care. This neglect often ends in illness, starvation and even death of many of the animals.

* The hoarder does not realize they are not properly caring for the animals, nor do they realize the impact the situation has on the humans living within the situation.

One thing is for sure--animal hoarders cannot hoard without animals! In fact, when they begin collecting animals, they never think,"This is going to get out of control. I will end up neglecting the very animals I started out helping." But that is exactly what happens, and very quickly, too. Why? The truth is simple and tragically sad: There are not enough good homes for all the animals that are born. Animal hoarders--even though misguided and extreme--are sincerely trying to do something about the problem of too many animals..."

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