Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Animal Hoarding In The Northland

Several northern Minnesota communities have experienced some of these cases in the past year.

Two Hibbing residents were recently charged for a combined total of 67 counts of animal neglect.

Last fall Animal Control Officer Alyssa Garcia and local authorities walked into what they describe as the worst case of animal hoarding they have ever seen.

"We weren't in there very long, we could only stay in there a second and we had to get out cause the smell it just instantly burned your eyes and lungs, even with the masks and everything on," said Garcia.

With furniture torn to shreds, and piles of cat waste, food, and litter stacked more than a foot high Garcia says 34 cats were caught in live traps from this particular residence.

All of them had to be put down due to medical complications..." More & video

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