Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dead Animals Found In Cedar Rapids Garage; Woman Charged With Abuse

By Jeff Raasch

EDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Criminal charges have been filed against a woman whose animals were seized from her Cedar Rapids home last month.

Jennifer Wood, 36, has been charged with 35 counts of animal abuse and two counts of unhealthy and unsanitary conditions after officers took 32 dogs, two cats and a parrot from her home at 308 30th St. Dr. SE on Feb. 17. A dead dog and dead cat also were found in bags in her garage, authorities said.

Animal Control and Care Manager Diane Webber said charges were filed late Thursday afternoon. She said Wood’s attorney called her Wednesday, but Wood’s whereabouts are still unknown.

Webber said the city will seek to recover costs for veterinary care and shelter fees for the animals that were seized, which currently amounts to $25,000. She said the animals are continuing to recover.

“When I said before that this puts a huge burden on the shelter, I wasn’t kidding,” Webber said. “Tåhe amount of veterinary care they need is just mind-blowing.”

Webber said in order for the criminal charges to hold any weight, Wood must be served. Rumors have swirled that Wood is now out-of-state, and Webber said she is considering options to track her down..."
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