Thursday, March 31, 2011

Community Alert: Lucern Valley Dog Shelter Is In Desperate Need

A Chip-in page has been established by "Stella's Hope", who has been going to Harmony Haven for several weeks now to assist. If you are interested in finding out more, please friend "Stella's Hope" on Facebook, they have updates and pictures.

Mar 20, 2011: Community Alert: Lucerne Valley Dog Shelter is in Desperate Need of Assistance

By Ashka Patel

(Victor Valley)–An urgent request for assistance is being made by independent Animal Rescuer Isabel Gallardo and Jenifer Aldrige who are volunteering at Harmony Haven Rescue, Lucerne Valley.

The situation is out of control when it comes to the medical health of over 350 dogs currently residing at Harmony Haven Rescue.

This is result of local residents dropping off dogs that haven’t been vaccinated, spayed or neutered at, Harmony Haven Rescue.

The owner of Harmony Haven Rescue is an 83 old woman, who needs financial assistance herself. When speaking to Isabel Gallardo, she stated, “They need to get more volunteers or 501c3’s to help with the situation.” Independent Animal Rescuers have been coming all the way from Los Angeles and San Diego to assist in any way possible. The conditions are horrid, inhumane and medically unfit for the dogs to reside there.

The rescuers are making trips from other cities at their own expense to assist in the situation.

HOW YOU CAN HELP They are requesting for supplies from local residents or businesses, such as dog food, fencing material, independent contractors, and anyone willing to volunteer a day at the facility to assist in the cleanup.

Also, they are asking local residents to adopt one of these dogs, so that they can be taken out of this facility as soon as possible. They are requesting assistance from Local Veterinary’s, because it’s very difficult to pay the high medical costs associated for the treatment of these dogs...." More

Pictures courtesy of Stella's Hope


Anonymous said...

Much of the information in this article is false. Please remove it from your "hoarding" headline. The owner of Harmony Haven does not now nor has she ever had 350 dogs. She has never been a hoarder and has always welcomed anyone with a good background and home to adopt out of her facility. She has been overrun lately with low lifes dumping pregnant female dogs on her property. She has NEVER been inhumane and all the dogs in the photograph are well and healthy - just napping. I know. I am there most weekends helping out recently. I know this owner, am familiar with the facilities and am an attorney with Animal Legal Defense Fund. I do NOT condone animal hoarding or I would not be helping out. Help is needed - not blame and name-calling for this woman who has saved hundreds of dogs over the years and now needs help because of illness and age. Linda Adams-Hendrix

gia said...

Dear Linda,

I have reprinted an article entitled "Community Alert", if the newspaper has printed erroneous information I will cetainly delete this article.

However, the article also clearly states "...This is result of local residents dropping off dogs that haven’t been vaccinated, spayed or neutered at, Harmony Haven Rescue.."

The reposting of this article helps the public understand the importance of spaying / neutering, and will hopefully result in additional funds or homes that many homeless animals desperately need.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response. I communicated with Jennifer Aldridge yesterday and she confirmed that they only said 350 dogs because "someone told me that". She also never indicated that the sanctuary was "inhumane" as you have in the title. I do hope very much that the article will bring assistance for the owner and not draw those who will want to blame and cause more problems for Harmony Haven for Animals. Linda Adams-Hendrix

gia said...

Dear Linda,
I believe there has been a mis-understanding...I REPOSTED this article with it's ORIGINAL title. Hit the "more" link at the end of my posting and it will take you to the original source.
I too hope more help is provided for all animals and their caretakers.

Anonymous said...

Though this woman does not appear to be as CRAZY as the Cynthia Gudgers out there, she most definitely fits the description of an animal hoarder. Let's pray all of her animals are given to reputable rescues and/or homes. Let's hope her supporters make sure she no longer has animals in her 'care'. It's obvious she does not have the proper resources to care for them properly. Thank you for posting this comment.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Linda Adams who was involved with Mommie Cats Little Ones, headed by Cynthia Gudger?

Document apparently signed by Linda Adams:

Find out about Cynthia Gudger here:
see "captured abuser" section of

Anonymous said...

Wow, Gia, sorry you are being harassed over reprinting an article. Keep up the great work!

Linda Adams Hendrix,
Why are you bullying someone whom exercises her First Amendment right? A law degree does not give you the right to try to "hush" someone. Take it up with the newspaper, who printed it originally.
NO ONE or TWO people can care for 100 dogs let alone 350. Accepting dogs that you cannot afford to spay, neuter, and vaccinate is not helping any animal. In fact, you jeopardize the ones you already have by potentially spreading disease and creating unwanted litters. Take them to the shelter where they have a chance at adoption and a healthier life. Warehousing animals that you cannot properly care for, nor afford, is NOT the answer.
Now, overwhelmed rescuers are leaving their FULL shelters behind in their respective towns to clean up this mess. May I ask: since you seem to know the situation so well and work for the ADLF, why haven't you assisted her prior to this? This is a crisis situation and did not happen over night.
I advise you to learn what hoarding is and what it looks like. Read this blog or countless other sites and educate yourself. You will read the same excuses for the conditions, over and over again in every story. You will read ridiculous claims of "numbers saved" to belittle the current situation. Its text book hoarding from what I have learned. The animals are the victims here.
If you don't condone the behavior it doesn't mean you have to defend it! There is a middle ground. Awareness leads to education so that we can prevent this sort of situation in the future. Denying that it exists enables the behavior.
Los Angeles Rescuer since 2002

Linda Adams-Hendrix said...

I just pulled a copy of the document listed above which I have never before seen in my life and certainly did not sign. I plan on vigoriously investigating this fraud.
Linda Adams-Hendrix

Anonymous said...

I had never seen this fraudulent document before and this is an obvious forgery. I am investigating this very upsetting document. Linda Adams-Hendrix

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gia, it's only fair that others can respond and set the record straight regarding Ms. Adams-Hendrix postings:

Linda Adams-Hendrix - It's hard to believe that the Animal League Defense Fund would take sides on any issues, especially an issue involving an alleged hoarder and/or hoarding situation. You have no right to try and bully people who are trying to help animals. When a call was placed to the Animal League Defense Fund, they confirmed that you are NOT an attorney with their group...therefore, Ms. Adams-Hendrix, you lied on this blog about your association with them. It's hard to believe that you had no idea that Susan Marlowe and three times convicted animal abuser, Cynthia Gudger, made you a board member for Ms. Gudger's 501c3non-profit, Mommie Cats Little Ones. You can fool some of the people some of the time; however, you can't fool everybody. You can bully certain people; however, you can't bully everybody.

By the way, love Lamar's sworn statement in 2006 to the Riverside Court supporting Susan Marlowe's petition allowing her so-called non-profit to acquire Cynthia Gudger's abused animals. We all know the true fait of those poor animals. It's very sad that your husband would take sides and support a woman who would be charged and later convicted with horrific animal cruelty, in two separate counties.

Good luck with your so-called investigation! Please post on this blog with your outcome...

signed - a true animal lover

Anonymous said...

I came across this info during a search... isn't the point to help the animals? Also, a shelter isn't a hoarding house. Sheesh. It is what it is. Act.

gia said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for joining the discussion. However, I have to correct you. There are many hoarders that run shelters/rescues even as non-profits. Having non-profit status does not have anything to do with the standard of care. Please find additional articles and info on this page. And read the research on Tufts University HARC page.
I found this info in their Q&A page: What is the difference between hoarding and sheltering or rescuing?
Animal hoarding is a complex behavior that results from a variety of psychological and behavioral deficits that may limit a person's ability to care for themselves or others. Although hoarding may start out as a seemingly benevolent mission to save animals, eventually the needs of the animals become lost to the person's needs for control. The resulting compulsive caregiving is pursued to fullfill unmet human needs, while the real needs of the animals are ignored or disregarded. Sometimes hoarders act as individuals, and other times they masquerade as animal rescue activities. They should never be confused for these legitimate and worthwhile efforts.

Any legitimate shelter, rescue or sanctuary puts the needs of the animals first, recognizes when capacity to provide care is exceeded, and takes the required steps (stopping intake, increasing adoption, increasing staff or resources) in order to provide proper care. Two model sanctuaries show what is required to put the needs of animals first in a caregiving setting [Click here for Best Friends Sanctuary] and [Click here for Farm Sanctuary]. Both organizations encourage visitors, volunteers, and transparency. The diagram at the right illustrates the difference between competent caregiving and substandard care.

Several sanctuary associations publish codes of ethics, and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians is developing guidelines for standards of care. The Cat Fancier's Association, a national trade group for cat breeders, advises breeders who may be facing difficulty providing proper care to contact them for help.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I just watched a show on Animal Planet about Harmony Haven Rescue. Despite the name of the show passing judgement on others is wrong. IF the 83 yr old owner of Harmony Haven Rescue was a horder her heart was in the right place even if her resources and energy were not up to the task on her own. She did surrender 158 dogs to another rescue organization better equipted to provide the neccessary food, medical care and needed physical labor required for proper care of the animals. On the flip side, it is good that people bring attention to suspected hoarders for both the people and animals to get the assistance needed. If it weren't for whomever voiced their concern for this 83 yr old woman and the dogs she was doing her best to care for they all could still be in the same less than ideal situation causing stress to all. Best of luck to all.

gia said...

Harmony Haven was a hoarding situation. Animal hoarding is defined by being unable to properly care for the animals you have. The HH property was exactly that, because she willing excepted help and gave the animals over to HSUS I would call her a "overwhelmed caregiver" as defined by Tufts University.

Please visit the Tufts site and learn about the different types of hoarders out there.

When I watched that episode I had complete sympathy for the woman, I was moved by her compassion and willingness to accept the help when offered.