Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Edwin and Cheryl Criswell

Mar 30, 2011: Flathead Co. wants couple to relinquish control of their cats

by Katy Harris

Back in December, animal wardens seized over 100 cats from a remote location in Marion. Animal Cruelty charges are pending for Cheryl and Edwin Criswell, meanwhile The Flathead County Spay and Neuter Task Force is spending hundreds of dollars still caring for the cats.

The county wants the Criswell's to relinquish control so that they can now start to be adopted.

The Criswells want to keep anywhere from 15 to 45 of their 100 cats that are currently housed in the task force shelter but the county says they will not have any of the cats back in their possession.

The Criswells are charged with cruelty to animals and aggravated animal cruelty. Because of the crowded and poor conditions the cats were living in, one was put down, 2 cats are blind in both eyes due to conjunctivitis and 6 have only one eye. 5 cats had to get surgery to remove teeth due to an immune disorder.

The task force had to purchase a trailer for $500 to specifically accommodate the Criswell's cats. Flathead County pays for food and litter for the cats, which should be paid in restitution costs by the Criswells.

Until the Criswells release control over the animals it will cost the Spay and Neuter Task $150 a day to take care of them..." More

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Jan 8, 2010: Ex-Idaho cat hoarders arrested in Montana

Chelsea Bannach

A northwestern Montana couple involved in the largest animal hoarding case in Idaho history was charged with animal cruelty Thursday after authorities found more than 100 cats living in their two small feces-filled trailers last month.

Edwin and Cheryl Criswell face felony aggravated animal cruelty after police seized the cats Dec. 22 in Marion, Mont. They were booked into Flathead County Jail on Friday. The maximum sentence is up to two years in jail and a $2,500 fine.

It’s not the first time the Criswells have faced animal cruelty charges.

In September 2006, they were convicted of misdemeanor animal cruelty in the largest animal hoarding case in Idaho history.

More than 430 cats were seized from their then-home in Blanchard, Idaho. More than half those cats were put down “due to severe illness, disease and suffering,” the Humane Society of the United States said in 2006. The Criswells were fined $1,000 and placed on unsupervised probation for two years. They were also forbidden from having more than 20 pets in their care..." More

Feb 26, 2010: Hoarders have 40-plus more cats

Alison Boggs

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