Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hoarding can be a real issue

Every so often, I will be doing some channel surfing and come upon one of those "hoarding" shows.

I don't think I've ever watched a complete program, but I've seen enough to know that the people they feature have extreme hoarding issues.

I went through a "hoarding" phase back in the mid-'90s when I started creating or actually re-creating art from discarded materials. I was saving all my cereal boxes, dryer lint, tissue paper, pistachio shells, coffee filters, egg shells, office paper and corrugated cookie holders for my recycled art.

I developed a very specific hoarding problem. It was hard for me to throw anything away that might possibly be used to create that next great masterpiece.

It was a fun period of my life - and to be honest - it fed my ego to sell all those paintings ... but then it changed from fun creativity to whacko monster obsession. So one day I said "enough." I was living my life for my art instead of enjoying the art of living..." More

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