Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Abused, neglected dogs taken from owner

Author: Emily Robertson

Hawkins County Humane Society (HCHS) seized 24 dogs and 175 chickens from property in Mooresburg on Thursday after the owner of the animals failed to adequately care for them. HCHS was first notified of a possible animal neglect situation in November of 2010.

"I received an E-mail in November from a neighbor and then received a phone call from another neighbor in February," Jessica Kleis, Manager of HCHS, said. "They called wondering if there was anything we could do as far as the law goes because there was definitely a problem in the area with howling, barking and smell."

From the reports, Kleis had estimates of as many as 70 dogs on one acre of land tied up or running loose in the area.

Kleis presented the information to the HCHS Board, who had representatives go to the land to survey the situation.

"No food or water was found on the premise and the Sheriff's Department notified the owner of the complaint," according to a press release from the HCSO board. "The HCHS was called again and was informed that the owner had not been to the property for three to four days. At that point, the HCHS started to provide water and food for the animals.".." More


dogsforlife said...

Its terrible that people treat their animals like this.
There are just too many cruel people abusing and neglecting innocent animals.

Deb said...

To the Residents and Animal Lovers of Hawkins County
I am a volunteer with German Shepherd Rescue and have Rescued
Dogs from Hawkins County Humane Society.
It's come to my attention that many dogs there at this privately owned animal shelter
that recieves $15,000 a yr. in tax payer funds, has had many rescue groups that
have wanted to save and rescue dogs of all kinds and send them to safety, many up
north where spay and neuter laws are much better and the people up there
have much more concern and compassion for the welfare of animals than they do in the South.
Unfortunately many dogs just recently could have been rescued and we had well known
reputable rescues that wanted to take all the surplus puppies and
the shelter manager nor the owner of the Humane Society would not come
to open the doors to allow the rescues to rescue these dogs.
These Dogs were put to death the day after Easter because no one at this shelter cared whether they lived or died.
It appears from all intents and purposes that it was easier for them to kill them rather than
to answer a couple phone calls/emails or drive to the shelter.
I am in shock and horrified from a Humane Society code of conduct standpoint.
How can a place like this call themselves Humane? This Is Inhumane!
It's my understanding that on the board of members with the Humane Society the president
is Eddie McNally who also owns and runs MM Companions where on their website http://www.mmcompanions.com/
they sell many different kinds of dogs, Essentially he is a DOG BREEDER!!!!
How can you be the President of a Humane Society & be a Dog Breeder?? Really???
And it's my Understanding that Eddie McNally was or is a Animal Control Officer.
I am finding this Story to be absolutely Incredible. I almost couldn't believe what I found out.
And the people of Hawkins County, are they aware of this???
The Conflict of Interest, the Code of Ethics and Moral Turpitude is Shocking.
Will the People of Hawkins County Stand up and DEMAND Justice for the Abused & Neglected
Animals of their County? This Shelter Should Uphold a higher Standard and Code of Ethics
Worthy to be Called a Humane Society.
If the Very Humane Society won't do it, then Who Will???
Someone needs to have a Voice for these Pets, who will give them that voice???