Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Neighbors complain about animal hoarder

By Taylor Barnhill

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Imagine having to hear dogs, birds and other animals at all hou of the day, and being overwhelmed by the stench of feces all because your neighbor won't clean it up. That's what one woman says is happening in her Harris County neighborhood. After hearing their complaints, News Leader Nine investigated.

Half a dozen dogs, dozens of birds and several other wild animals are held in cages all around this Harris County home, and neighbors say they are literally sick from it, "Everybody is complaining. Basically it's the odor, the smell, the unsanitary conditions, that's my concern. Just like the other neighbors are concerned too."

Neighbors also say not only is the property an eye-sore, but they are concerned for the well-being of this lady's pets, "There are numerous animal cages that have pigeons and birds. Sometimes she'll have ducks, she has dogs in cages as well. The living conditions of those animals is horrendous. Animal poop everywhere and the dogs are howling and you see its just nasty conditions over there."..." More & video

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