Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citrus County rescue group is under scrutiny after dogs seized


A Citrus County animal rescue group is under scrutiny by Citrus County authorities who removed more than two dozen dogs from the group's Floral City facility this week.

The Humane Society of Florida's former president Margret Nolan was issued 27 citations for failure to provide humane care in connection with the dogs, some of which were puppies. She was given a court date of May 6.

Conditions on site were concerning to veterinarian Dr. Julie Rosenberger, who was called in by animal control.

"I saw animals that were multiple animals in a cage, unclean conditions, animals that were matted, animals that had respiratory conditions, animals that were soiled," she said.

Officials say the number of dogs there also exceeded the agreed-upon capacity.

A spokesperson for the Citrus County Sheriff's Office said Nolan, rather than the organization, was cited because she brought the animals to the facility.

Nolan, who resigned as president of the Humane Society of Florida earlier this month, says she is operating as a volunteer. She said she brought the dogs in to be spayed and neutered and that she was picking them up.." More

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Anonymous said...

There is no "Humane Society of Florida." It is not a registered entity anywhere, including IRS or the state of Florida. They don't have non-profit status. Margaret is a snake and resigned from a non-existing company. She still has her fingers in the money, $118K in last reported financial information. She has been sued and run out of 3-4 counties for her illegal and inhumane treatment of animals.