Monday, March 12, 2012

Woman Charged In Pet Hoarding Case

Jackson County prosecutors have filed 19 charges against a Blue Summit woman whose home was found filthy and full of animals.

Deputies searched Shirley Lafferty's home in the area of 1600 Will Street last week. Neighbors said they could smell animals and feces from Lafferty's home from their houses.

Detectives removed the dogs and cats from Lafferty's home and took them to Wayside Waifs. One of the animals had to be euthanized because of untreated medical problems..."  More

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Anonymous said...

I know this woman personally and she is the sweetest person and would never intentionally hurt anything or anyone. She has a problem that's why it says, she horted the animals. People that are horters do not know they have a problem and in her eyes she thought she was helping them find homes even tho in reallity she really wasn't helping them at all.I don't think she should be that severlly punished because she was not in her right mind and did not know she was hurting them. I think she needs to go on probation and not be able to have any animals on her property till her probation is over and then afterward checked on yearly to make sure she is within the legal limit.