Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Feature: From Hoarded to Hope

Welcome to our new feature:
From Hoarded to Hope

What happens once a hoarded animal is rescued?  This series will feature their stories, your stories...stories of rescue and hope... 

We are continually looking for new submissions, send them to:

From Best Friends, Guardian Angels:

This poor girl was the victim of a hoarder.

With no medical attention, no human contact, way too many other dogs packed into a very tiny space, and not even the benefits of a spay surgery, Eden soon found herself not only terrified, but pregnant.

In fact, when she was rescued, she had puppies on her way to her foster home! Thank goodness, all of her babes found nice families to go to. But Eden was beyond shy – absolutely untouchable. And her foster mom, even though she was a dog trainer and a terrific foster, didn’t think she could give this dog everything she needs for as long as she would need it. So Eden came to Best Friends for extra special care.

Will she ever come out of her little shell? Will the scars of being ignored for so long ever heal? Only time will tell. Time, love, training – and the compassion of Guardian Angels are what she has on her side!

Read about Eden's progress via Best Friends:  Here

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