Thursday, March 8, 2012

Deputies investigating charity activity of animal hoarder

By Jim Bradley

Veterinarians said the dogs rescued from an Iredell County home are still recovering after they were found living in horrible conditions.
The woman accused of allowing the dogs to live in the filthy conditions was released from jail, but she may end up back there soon.
The dogs removed from an Iredell County home ironically called the Staying Alive Dog and Puppy Rescue are considered the lucky ones, officials said.
“We found four dead dogs. Two were in the same cage with no food and water,” said Chris Royal with Iredell County Animal Services.
Now, as Royal is working to find homes for 23 dogs seized from the home, sheriff’s detectives are investigating the incident.
“We do know that at least some services and food was donated to this group from different organizations within the state,” said Capt. Darren Campbell.
Campbell said he wants to know if Janet Lynn Reynolds, charged with felony animal cruelty, may have also been illegally soliciting money for what she called an animal rescue.
“(We’re trying to determine if there) was any actual money exchanging because of a fraudulent group, and that has yet to be determined,” he said.
A website for the shelter states donations are needed, but admits the group is not 501(c), meaning it’s not an IRS-approved charity..."  More & video

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