Sunday, March 18, 2012

Number of animals found in possible hoarding case up to 80s

By Betsy Webster

There are new developments in a dog hoarding case that started with a woman's arrest last week in Jackson County. KCTV5 visited the latest group of dogs as the tally rises.
Eight-week-old Johnny is one of at least 65 dogs found in a second location for Shirley Lafferty's unlicensed organization that she called Black Dog Rescue. That brings the total now to almost 90.
Thirty-three of the dogs are now at the Heartland SPCA in Merriam, KS. Included amongst those dogs are puppies as young as 2-weeks-old, still nursing, who were crowded into the home.
"Some rooms had 20 to 25 dogs in them. Other rooms had moms nursing 2-week-old puppies surrounded by five or six other dogs," said Joe Hinkle with Heartland SPCA.
The home near Butler, MO was rigged with plywood gates in an attempt to replicate a shelter. But the conditions – four puppies to a crate and wire crates stacked atop each other – concerned animal welfare advocates who said there were simply too many dogs for one, or even two, people to care for..."  More & video

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