Thursday, March 29, 2012

Shannon Lacewell, Paws, Claws and More - Kentucky

Mar 28, 2012:  Additional charges for alleged animal abuser

For the first time in a month and half, alleged animal abuser Shannon Lacewell was in court Wednesday morning. Prosecutors added 96 additional charges of animal cruelty.
On Feb. 14, the Animal Rescue Corps along with the Graves County Sheriff's Department raided her "Paws, Claws and More" shelter and seized 96 starving and sick dogs. They also found nine dead dogs on the property.
Lacewell is due back in court next Wednesay for a pre-trial conference and arraignment for a drug possession charge. She is out on bond and is legally barred from housing any domestic animals of any kind at this time..."  More & video

  • Animal rescue group wants charges against Lacewell upgraded 
  • Friend who blew whistle on alleged animal cruelty speaks out 
  • Woman charged with animal cruelty speaks out 
  • Authorities serve warrant at local animal shelter 

  • Mar 15, 2012:  100 dogs rescued after raid at southern KY facility

    by Kevin Young
    About 100 dogs seized in Kentucky are settling in at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds after they were taken Tuesday from a property in southern Kentucky that claimed to be a rescue operation.

    The Graves County Sheriffs Department and members of the Animal Rescue Corps raided "Paws and Claws" in Wingo, KY.
    According to ARC, the animals were living in filthy conditions, didn't have access to food and many were in poor health.
    They also said they found several dead dogs on the property.
    The dogs will remain at the fairgrounds for now, where they'll be checked out by vets and receive vaccinations and care..."  More

    Pictures from Animal Rescue Corp FB page (graphic): here

    Jun 23, 2010:  Dogs found dead at shelter

    Union City police responded to the animal shelter on Sunday and found two dead dogs.

    Someone called the police department around 2:40 p.m. Sunday to report a dog outside the fence at 311 North Fifth St. possibly suffering from a seizure.

    According to the report, when the police arrived, a black puppy crawled out of a hole in the fence and walked up to the patrol unit.

    No dog was found to be in distress outside the fence but, upon further inspection of the grounds, “it was evident that there was a dead dog inside one of the pens,” the report states.

    Officers retrieved the key for the shelter from the police department office and contacted Police Chief Joe Garner, who responded to the scene. Once inside, the officers found several dog pens without any water and none had any food.

    The report stated that the National Weather Service reported the temperature to be around 94 degrees with a heat index of around 104. A heat advisory had also been issued for the area.

    Officers reported dispatch attempted to contact shelter manager Sarah Dodd of Hickman, Ky., and got no answer. Around 2:57 p.m., dispatch was able to reach Ms. Dodd’s mother, Shannon Lacewell (who runs Paws, Claws and More in Wingo, Ky.), who said she would have a volunteer meet officers at the shelter. Samantha Watson did arrive a short time later. And interim city manager Kathy Dillon was contacted by Garner and she also came to the shelter.

    According to the report, after officers were able to get inside the trailer at the shelter, they found another puppy deceased inside a cage and more caged dogs did not have any food or water.

    Ms. Lacewell arrived at the shelter and told police volunteer Tish Rutherford had been there at 1:15 p.m. and had fed and watered all animals.

    She said the dogs turn over their food and water bowls constantly and that is why none of them had any water.

    She also said the dead dog outside was from a litter that was infected with parvovirus and that the puppy inside the trailer had been sick for a while and was being treated with antibiotics. She said many of the young dogs that come to the shelter are infected with parvovirus and die while there.

    Ms. Dodd did arrive at the shelter while officers were there and confirmed the statements made by Ms. Lacewell about the water bowls and the dead animals.

    Ms. Dodd and Ms. Lacewell then gave all the animals water and removed the dead animals from the pens.

    Ms. Dodd told police they almost always have volunteers working in shifts to try to make sure the dogs are checked about every two hours...." More


    Anonymous said...

    Shannon Lacewell has a property in Wingo, Kentucky. There are dogs dead and dying on that property as well. She calls herself "Paws Claws and More" and claims to be a non-profit organization. She gets dogs from all over including a puppy miller in Tennessee. She raises money to treat heartworm in the dogs and doesn't treat the heartworm. This place is a concentration camp for dogs.

    puplover said...

    After witnessing the havoc Ms. Lacewell and Paws, Claws, & More have caused across state lines and up into New England I truly believe the above comment. Many dogs have been adopted out with communicable & serious problems without informing the adopters or providing appropriate health certificates and histories.
    In the intrest of the helpless animals & the general public some of the parties to contact are:
    "Kristen Winterhalter"

    Dean Gates
    Connecticut Department of Agriculture

    Attorney Clint Quarles
    Kentucky Department of Agriculture
    "Clint Quarles(AGR)"<

    Anonymous said...

    We have a dog that we adopted from Lacewell in 2011 through Petco. The vet bills are astronomical and the heart worm treatment is the reason. Petco should have done their research before letting criminals into their store.