Friday, March 9, 2012

Pugs saved from hoarding situation need homes

By Diane McCartney

A pug rescue group with a branch in Wichita is trying to find homes for 30 pugs rescued from a hoarding situation in Oklahoma.
The dogs have “really sweet demeanors” but were malnourished and have other health problems, said Gail Tucker, president of Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and Adoption of Oklahoma.
Tucker said a friend of hers saw a flier in a small-town veterinarian’s office seeking help placing several pugs. When she called about them, the woman told her there were 33.
Nineteen of the dogs are puppies, 14 to 20 weeks old, and most of the others are under 2 years old, Tucker said. At least one of the females is pregnant, so there will be more puppies, she said. “Basically, the babies were having babies,” Tucker said.
The woman who surrendered the dogs had been breeding them, then became overwhelmed and could no longer afford the veterinary and food bills, Tucker said. She finally asked for help.
Six of the puppies have the parvovirus, a disease that affects the gastrointestinal or cardiac system, and have been in intensive care in a veterinary clinic in Oklahoma City, but Tucker thinks they will pull through. “I’m thinking we’re going to save all of our babies,” she said Wednesday.
Some of the pugs have mange, a painful skin condition, Tucker said. It’s treatable but has caused the dogs to lose hair, and they have blackened skin, Tucker said. “They are looking ugly – but I think they’re beautiful,” she said.
Some also have lost an eye. Pugs have protruding eyes that can be easily scratched, Tucker said. Without prompt medical attention, abscesses can form, which is what happened to three or four of the dogs..."  More

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