Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More than a dozen cats taken from Monson home

By Samantha Lavien
Around 20 cats were taken from a Monson home after the MSPCA got a tip about a case of possible animal hoarding.
Officials responded to a complaint at 14 Silva St. on Wednesday.
Officials said they found it was more a case of people trying to take care of feral and stray cats that got out of control than a case of animal hoarding.
"We determined the folks were being forced to move from their home and they had a large number of cats inside and out that needed a place to go," said MSPCA law enforcement officer Christine Allenberg.
The MSPCA received a complaint that there were several cats outside and the owners needed help. Authorities determined the home owners had several cats of their own and were helping to care for several stray and feral cats in the neighborhood.
"The problem you run into is that when people take on the responsibility of feeding strays and feral cats and then they up and move that leaves the animals with no home and no food source," Allenberg said.
Allenberg said the problem is that once you assume responsibility for an animal, you can be held liable for it..."  More & video

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