Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Danville hoarder dies days after home condemned, dozens of cats taken to shelter

Justin Ward

Less than two days after dozens of cats are taken from a home in Danville, the owner dies.
Now neighbors say stress caused her to die too soon.
Kiki, a male cat with a broken jaw and cognitive problems at the Danville Animal Medical Center  is the only survivor of what animal control officials call an extreme animal hoarding case.
They took dozens of cats from a home on Sunnyside Drive in Danville and are still finding more coming from holes leading inside the home.
Police condemned the home and took 89-year-old Geneva Grimes to a nursing home where she later died.
Grimes left her home to a woman's family in her will.
She didn't want to show her face on WDBJ7 but says the stress of losing her pets and home could have contributed to her death.
"When you have your little animals taken away, I mean if you don't have any kids, no nothing, no brothers or sisters and you get everything taken away from you it just stresses you out," the woman told WDBJ7..."  More & video

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