Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Severe case of hoarding forces Lynchburg couple out of their home

Tim Saunder

A Lynchburg couple is sleeping in their car, because their house is too filthy to live in.
It's a severe case of hoarding, and tonight neighbors and other strangers are trying to come to the couple's rescue.
"Trash was maybe a foot away from the ceiling," said Micah Carroll, a man who lives near the hoarding incident.  "We had to fight our way into the rooms, pulling stuff out."
Carroll is leading a group of volunteers, who have been working day and night to clean up the mess on Richland Drive.

Social services evicted the homeowners last week, after finding them in deplorable conditions.  The husband and wife are in their 80's.  They've been living without water or electricity.

"It's primitive living," said Carroll.  "They've been living in a small, confined space."
The couple is from Korea.  They survived a war, and family members say that made them hesitant to throw anything away..."  More

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