Tuesday, March 13, 2012

67 animals seized in Jackson County animal neglect case


Mar 12, 2012:  Jackson County man pleads guilty to animal neglect
By Keith Edwards

A plea bargain is reached with one of the owners of dozens of neglected animals.
Nearly 70 animals were seized from a rural Melrose couple back in November. They included horses, mules, sheep, goats and 33 dogs. Investigators says most were malnourished and had no access to food or water. Some horses were found standing in manure so deep that their backs touched the ceiling. Investigators also found a dozen horse skulls on the property, along with other animal bones.
Monday, Tarrey Smithey pleaded guilty to animal neglect. He was put on probation for three years and ordered to get a psychological evaluation. The couple is prohibited from having any animals except for two mules and two dogs..."  More

Nov 15, 2011:  67 animals seized in Jackson County animal neglect case

By Keith Edwards

Jackson County, Wisconson - Dozens of neglected animals are seized from their owners, who now face felony charges.
The Jackson County sheriff says nearly 70 animals were taken from the rural Melrose couple two weeks ago. They included horses, mules, sheep, goats and 33 dogs. The sheriff says it appears many had improper care and lack of nourishment. Investigators say their main concern is the horses, which are in pretty rough shape.
Renee and Tarry Smithey were arrested on charges of mistreating animals. They are free on bond, with orders not to possess any animals.
New homes have been found for many of the animals, but anyone interested in adopting one can contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter.
Jackson County (Press Release) - Authorities in Jackson County have taken custody of 67 animals on a search warrant that was executed on Thursday, November 3, 2011 at N2420 Blackberry Road in Melrose Township, Jackson County after receiving information that there may be animals on the property in need of care due to neglect. 
The animals seized consisted of dogs ranging in age from puppies to adults; horses, mules, sheep, goats, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, ducks and a pig.  Many of the animals found appeared to be in various stages of neglect due to improper care and lack of nourishment. 
Two persons have been arrested in connection with the abuse and are identified as Renee Smithey, age 58; and Tarry Smithey, age 52.  Both parties were booked on a single felony count of animal mistreatment and were later released on a $1,000.00 signature bond.  Conditions of bond are to possess no animals and to cooperate with the State Veterinarian, the Jackson County Humane Officer, and the Jackson County Health Department.  Two other adults residing at the residence were not arrested and to date have not been charged.
Assisting in the seizure and assessment of the animals and living conditions was the Jackson County Animal Shelter, State of Wisconsin Veterinarian and the Jackson County Health Department..."  More

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