Friday, March 16, 2012

'A horrible case of animal hoarding' as dogs suffered in silence: Humane Society

By Colleen Ferreira

More than a dozen dogs were suffering in silence and there's really only one person to blame … their caretaker. A “horrible case of animal hoarding” is what the Humane Society of St. Joseph County calls a case their workers encountered this week.
Wednesday, 13 dogs were removed from a home in the 10000 block McKinley Highway. For more than a year, the Humane Society has been trying to help that homeowner. By Wednesday, there was no option except to remove the animals.  

"The dogs we took were not thin, they were pretty fat, but they were in horrible condition," said Dr. Carol Ecker, Humane Society director. Many times, animal lovers love for their pets gets a little out of hand, so much so, the Humane Society said animal hoarding could now be considered a mental illness..."  More & video

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