Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why "Animal Hoarders" Hoard

By Leanna Teague

"Animal Hoarding" often means that the animals won't get enough food or water while living in cramped, filthy conditions receiving little to no attention and no help if they get sick.

The owners may love and care about their animals but might not have the funding to feed, get medicine or provide the proper living conditions. Water may even prove difficult if their water is shut off or if they have no vehicle the ability to transport water could be lost.

A person may, "Hoard Animals" for many reasons. To the "Animal Hoarder" the animals could be nothing more than a collection. They are just something to get and something to have and the prize comes in knowing that they could obtain them. Perhaps the hoarder wants what they weren't allowed as a child. For instance, they may have wanted a dog and their parents wouldn't let them have one. Now they can get an excess of dogs without a parent's restriction..."