Monday, March 29, 2010

161 cats found in Pensacola man's home

Christina Leavenworth

Investigators say 161 cats have been seized from a Pensacola man's home. Investigators also found eight dead cats in his freezer. Now Larry Kruger is behind bars, and facing animal cruelty charges.

The cats were found Saturday, March 27, at Kruger's Betmark Drive home in Cantonment.

Now, the only cats inside his home are the porcelain kind. It was very apparent he was a cat lover.

"He would kill for his cats, I really feel he would. He loved them like they were his children," neighbor Cynthia Nelson said.

Nelson said it all started with one cat, and from there it grew.

"It started with a few. He done a cat rescue, took in feral cats and kittens. He wouldn't turn a cat down," said Nelson.

Even though he apparently loved cats, investigators said it was obvious he wasn't taking care of them. They said most of the animals were sick..." More & video