Monday, March 15, 2010

Charles Sharp - Fort Myers, Florida

Mar 15, 2010 Man sentenced to six months in prison for animal cruelty

One of the worst cases of animal hoarding was resolved in a Lee County courtroom Monday.

On Monday, Charles Sharp was sentenced to six months in prison for four felony charges of animal cruelty.

At Sharp's home, investigators discovered 16 animals that were "deprived of every essential element of life," living in layers of their own feces and urine.

Ria Brown of Lee County Domestic Animal Services says Sharp apologized in court before accepting his six month sentence.

"Jail time is rare. That's why we were very pleased with the outcome of this case," Brown said. "I hope this sends a message to other people. This isn't going to be brushed under the carpet. But you will have to answer for any kind of abuse to animals here."

Once Sharp is released, he will undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

Brown says Sharp's probation limits him from being around animals..." More & Video

Aug 28, 2009: 16 Pets Rescue from Poor Conditions

By Max Turnier

Lee County Deputies and Animal Control Officers took 16 animals that were emaciated and covered in parasites from a home in Fort Myers Shores.

Deputies arrested
Charles Sharp for being in possession of animals that were neglected and living in poor conditions.

Sharp lives in the home owned by
Robert Tracy.

Tracy was arrested in 2008 on the same charge. Thirty four dogs were taken from the home.

A court order said Tracy could only have 5 pets in the home. Animal control officers say he was bringing the animals in but having Sharp register them under his name.

Sharp faces one felony animal cruelty charge. Tracey is not being charged at this time. Deputies say he is living at a nursing home. he has a trial date coming up in September for his charges from 2008..."
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August 27, 2009: Fort Myers man arrested on animal cruelty charges


An east Fort Myers man was arrested Tuesday on charges of animal cruelty after he was allegedly found to be hoarding approximately 15 dogs in his home in poor condition.

Several of the dogs Charles John Sharp, 46, had in his home appeared to investigators to be flea infested, missing hair, emaciated, in distress, in generally poor condition and living in feces, according to a Lee County Sheriff’s Office report.

After Sharp was taken into custody, the animals were removed from the home by Lee County Animal Services..." More