Monday, March 8, 2010

Marci Biesheuvel, Litl' Bit of Love Animal Rescue and Sanctuary - Capenter, Wyoming

Mar 7, 2010: Animal rescuer operator faces cruelty charges

The operator of an animal rescue shelter near Carpenter faces two counts of animal cruelty after authorities seized more than 100 dogs, cats and rabbits.

Fifty-year-old Marci Biesheuvel is scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Laramie County Circuit Court on the two misdemeanor counts.

Cheyenne Animal Control officers seized the animals last week from the nonprofit Litl' Bit of Love Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Authorities originally went to the property on Feb. 24 with a search warrant after receiving a complaint about unclean and filthy conditions.

Cheyenne Animal Shelter Director Rick Collord says the seized animals have been surrendered to his organization..." More

Feb 25, 2010: 93 dogs seized from rescue

By Jodi Rogstad

A rural animal rescue facility northwest of here had 93 dogs, 17 cats and several pet rabbits confiscated Wednesday afternoon because officials say they were in crowded and unsanitary conditions.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Marci Biesheuvel, 50, after she allegedly refused to allow them into her residence at 4765 County Road 206 on a search warrant.

The warrant was issued in response to a complaint from a prospective customer who visited the non-profit that Biesheuvel operates there, Litl' Bit of Love Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.

Rob Shank, shelter manager at the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, said there were 45 dogs living inside the manufactured home, and more were living in outdoor kennels.

Officers at the site said the house floor, where Biesheuvel lived, was littered with feces. A foul odor from the house could be detected about 20 feet away.

The dogs, cats and rabbits will be examined at the shelter and kept there in protective custody at least until the case is resolved. Aside from the misdemeanor obstruction charge, other charges have not been proposed yet in connection to the animal case..."