Tuesday, March 30, 2010

More than a 100 animals seized in Zebulon

Wake County Animal Control has seized over 100 dogs and cats that were living in unspeakable conditions after getting an anonymous tip.

The animals were taken from a mobile home on Rosinburg Road. Investigators say it was a case of animal hoarding.

"Worst conditions I've seen dogs and cats living in," said Michael Williams with Wake County Animal Control.

Williams said the animals were kept with trash and junk cars on the property.

"Most everything was outside. There was not a habitable building on the property," said Williams. "The area was pretty widespread. We had some animals in different sections. We had some that were loose and some that were in cages."

After hours of searching, Williams said they found 108 animals still alive. He called it the largest case of animal cruelty in Wake County history.

"Such poor conditions for the animals that were there - as well as the living conditions for the people as well," he said.

64 cats and 44 dogs were living in filth.

"We found several dead animals as well in containers," said Williams.

The animals belonged to Mary and Johnny Morton, a Zebulon couple, who Williams said were likely hoarders.

"The owners surrendered all the animals too us," he said. "The animals were either absolutely terrified and had never been socialized with a person. Some had some pretty serious medical conditions."

Only a few were able to be saved...." More & video