Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dogs Rescued From Southwest Missouri Breeder

Monday morning, 55 dogs, described as "mistreated", were rescued from an owner in Stone County, Missouri. More than a dozen members of the Cruelty Task Force made the seizure outside the town of Hurley, about 30 miles southwest of Springfield. All of the animal, including 40 dachshunds and a pair of two-week old dachshund pups, were brought to the Humane Society in St. Louis.

The task force found 12 dead dogs on the property of a woman who had delayed getting a breeder's license.

Debbie Hill with the Humane Society says, "We have many animals that appear to be extremely thin. These are small dogs with delicate bone structures and we should not be able to see every rib on some of these dogs -- and, we can."

The task force served the seizure warrant along with Stone County Sheriff's deputies. The fate of the animals will be decided at a court hearing in Galena, Missouri, on March 31st..." More & video