Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alice Via, Lakeside Boxer Rescue - San Diego, CA

Dog Rescuer Raided for Animal Neglect

by: Lynn Stuart

Animal Control Officers rescue five dozen dogs from what was supposed to be a safe place.

The Boxer Rescue in Lakeside has been operated by Alice Via for years, now she faces felony animal neglect charges and numerous other lesser charges according to Investigators.

Animal Control Officer Mitchell Levy says the dogs were stacked in crates at least two high throughout the home. "A lot of them had no water. A lot of them had feces, a lot of them had two-, three-day old vomit in them. It's an unusual situation."

The news comes as a big shock to others in the rescue community. They say Via had such a good reputation for rescuing dogs, that she was allowed to take animals from local shelters.

"They start with the best of intentions. They think they can provide the best home for these dogs, but obviously this person got overwhelmed," says Lt. Dan DeSousa.

DeSousa says the dogs were only allowed out of their crates once a day.

"A lot of these animals have medical conditions, skin conditions. A lot of the dogs also have problems with their pads and other noses from trying to get out of the crates," says DeSousa.

Operators with other rescues say Via had recently contacted them asking for help and wanting foster homes for some of her dogs..."
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