Thursday, March 11, 2010

Police descend on filthy Williamsburg home; about 30 sick and abandoned animals seized

Mark White

The scene wasn't pretty on Rains Street in Williamsburg Thursday morning.

There were numerous pins with animals inside ranging from dogs to chickens. If the animals had water, it was stagnant in nearly all cases. Some were standing in their own feces. At least two of the dogs had bloody feces indicating the presence of disease.

Then police got to the really bad part, the interior of the residence.

"It is by far the worst place I have seen in the city limits," said Chief Wayne Bird. "I had no idea that all that stuff was in the back yard.

"The smell when we made entry through the door was so bad, we had back out to get respirators. It was unreal. I don't know how anybody could live there."

Animals in bad shape

"One of the dogs was blind," Bird said. "One of them was eating a raw chicken. Another dog was standing in feces probably two or three inches deep. There was blood stool in some of the dog lots."

Officials seized a total of four dogs, two cats, four ducks, eight roosters and 12 hens.

Two or three cats and a few roosters were still loose near the residence that police were unable to catch.

Interior of home

There were a few cats inside the home when police went inside, but Bird said that it was mostly garbage from the floor to the ceiling.

"In my opinion, it was not livable for any form of life. It was that bad," said Public Affairs Officer Shawn Jackson, one of the officers who went inside the home.

"We had respirators on and the smell knocked us down. The feces was pretty much pilled up everywhere from animals."

There is no running water to the home, and Bird said that he doesn't think it had electricity hooked up either...." More