Sunday, March 7, 2010

BOOK: Local Author Exposes The Abuse and Suffering at Puppy Mills in New Book

Imagine forcing your dog to live his or her entire life in a small wire cage, with no toys or comfort and little hope of survival. Believe it or not, that is what life is like for dogs that live in puppy mills across our nation and right here in Montana.

It is the topic of a new book written by one local woman. Dozens of people gathered at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Great Falls Saturday, to attend a book signing with local author, Carol Bradley. Her new book, "Saving Gracie" is a true story about her dog's rescue from a puppy mill in Pennsylvania.

The book follows Gracie, a cavalier king charles spaniel, who is worn out from bearing puppies at a puppy mill and her journey into a loving new family. Gracie's story explores the disturbing world of large volume kennels but also takes a look at the generous people who helped her along with way.

Bradley says, "The book kind of peels back the curtain on puppy mills. These dogs suffer from a variety of diseases. They often live in dark barns filled with rats and venom. They sometimes are starved. It's incredible the ways the dogs are treated considering how expensive the puppies wind up being."..." More & video