Sunday, March 28, 2010

Animal Planet - Animal Hoarding show seeks participants


Some people can’t say no to another animal. They want to adopt or rescue as many as they can. They work hard to be caring pet owners, but sometimes, they get overwhelmed.

Owning too many pets puts a strain on them, their homes, their finances, their families – even their pets.It also puts them in danger of having their animal confiscated, of being fined, or even arrested.

Nobody wants that to happen. Maybe we can help.

Animal Planet is producing a series about people with really large animal families (15+). We want to offer them a chance to tell their story, both about their special relationship with animals and about the problems that having so many pets creates in their life.

Should they and their family decide that help is needed, we can offer free veterinary care, humane adoptions, improved animal shelters, even house cleaning. They decide.

Here’s a chance to get the situation under control – before they’re forced to. If you, or someone you know, has a house full of pets, contact us– or call us toll free at : 1-877-MY8-PETS.