Monday, March 8, 2010

Kaye Jones, The Battleground Pet Inn - Greensboro, North Carolina

Mar 7, 2010: Dog Groomer Charged with Cruelty; 38 Pets Seized

Thirty-eight animals belonging to the owner of a pet boarding facility were seized last week after the state Department of Agriculture revoked the facility's license and alerted animal control to "unsanitary conditions" there.

Thirty-five dogs -- mostly small breeds like Malteses and Toy Poodles -- and three cats belonging to Kaye Jones were taken from the Battleground Pet Inn, where Jones grooms and boards animals, to the Guilford County Animal Shelter. Jones herself was charged with animal cruelty.

"There was some unclean fecal matter in some of the cages. There was dust and hair on floors, surfaces, countertops ... that sort of thing," explained Leigh Anne Garrard, the Guilford County Animal Control field supervisor.

"One has seizures. One has an esophagus problem. We have some ingrown toenails on one of the cats," said Marsha Williams, the direction of the animal shelter. "The main thing is the grooming has been neglected. Mats all over their eyes ... one of their eyes was matted shut."

Jones said she doesn't dispute there are some issues with the pets and the cleanliness of the kennels, but said she's doing her best and believes the animals are happy..." More & video

Mar 6, 2010: Dozens of Animals Seized from Pet Boarding Facility

The state Department of Agriculture and the Guilford County Sheriff's Office removed 39 animals from a pet boarding facility Friday.

Thirty-six dogs and three cats were taken from the Battleground Pet Inn, near downtown Greensboro, and moved to the Guilford County Animal Shelter. It was not immediately known who the dogs belong to or what will happen to them.

The Battleground Pet Inn also lost its animal boarding license, and the county health department said the business owners could be charged with cruelty and neglect due to unsanitary conditions at the facility..." More & video