Thursday, February 2, 2012

Task Force Developed to Combat Hoarding

by Melissa Reid

Cleveland Firefighters are facing a new challenge when fighting fires.
Some of the homes they respond to are too full of objects that they cannot get inside to fight the flames.
It happened Wednesay at a home in Cleveland.
“This would be a classic case of what you could classify as a hoarding situation.  Debris and items were stacked up in every room on both levels,” said Larry Gray with the Cleveland Fire Department.
Firefighters were forced to attack the fire from the outside.
“That’s usually not a tactic that we use here in the city of Cleveland. But with all the substance that was in the hallways and in every room, it made fighting this fire very difficult,” added Gray.
According to the Cleveland Fire Department, hoarding within city limits has become such an issue they’ve initiated a task force, along with the Department of Health and the Department of Aging..."  More

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