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Bonnie Sheehan / Pamela King McCracken, Hearts for Hounds

Feb 1, 2012:  Dogs seized in Tenn. to be flown to South Florida

Two women were arrested Jan. 17 after 128 dogs were found in a U-Haul truck along Interstate 40, about 40 miles east of Memphis.

Forty of the animals will fly to Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday with American Humane Association staff aboard a FedEx plane..."  More

Jan 29, 2012:  Supporters Rally to Defend Arrested LB Dog Rescuer  By: Nancy Wride

Jan 20, 2012:  Don't Judge a Rescuer By Her Collar  Opinion by:  Ann Brenoff

Microchips Will Help Determine Who Owns The 144 Dogs & One Cat Found In U-Haul

by Alex Coleman

It was the traffic stop in Fayette County this week that led to the discovery of a U-Haul packed with more than 100 pooches and a cat living in what's been described as horrible conditions.
John Robinson is shelter manager with Collierville Animal Services.

Robinson said, "I've seen a lot of hoarding cases of animals crowded into a small space, but probably never anything like this where they're crowded and stacked."

Collierville Animal Services is where the animals were temporarily taken and cared for after being found in squalor. The question remains who owns these animals?

Nina Wingfield, the director of the Collierville Animal Services, hopes microchips will provide answers.

Wingfield said, "We really do feel like most of these animals, most of them are microchipped, and we think they came from shelters. They pulled them because they were in high kill shelters to save their lives."
Bonnie Sheehan and Pamela King McCracken were hauling the animals from California to Virginia. The women were associated with a dog rescue group called Hearts for Hounds, but they now face more than 128 counts of aggravated animal cruelty.

Wingfield said, "I do know I got some calls yesterday from shelters in the California area that were concerned because they had released animals to Hearts for Hounds and they were concerned some of the animals they had released were part of the 140.".."  More

Cops bust two women with 128 dogs crammed in back of U-Haul

Two women who run an animal rescue operation are facing aggravated animal cruelty charges after cops caught them with more than 100 dogs and one cat stuffed in the back of a U-Haul truck without food, water, or adequate air, police said.
Bonnie Sheehan, 55, and Pamela A. King-McCracken, 59, were busted in Fayette County, Tennessee, on Tuesday when a cop making a traffic stop noticed a rank smell and discovered 128 dogs and a lone cat suffering in squalid conditions in the back of the truck and an attached van, the Commercial Appeal reported.
Dozens of cages were stacked on top of each other in the truck, some holding four or five dogs smeared with their own feces, while other pooches were caged inside dog houses secured with wired grates, the Appeal reported.
One of the dogs was dead, police said.
"I have seen animals like this when we raided a puppy mill a few years ago," Fayette County Animal Rescue agent Gina Thweatt told the Appeal, referring to the mass breeding operations that have plagued the pet industry.
"But as far as transporting them like this? No... not where they literally could not get any air or circulation."
The dogs had been locked in the truck and van since Saturday without food or water, police said.
Sheehan and McCracken ran a dog rescue operation in Long Beach, Calif., called Hearts for Hounds, according to local reports. 
According to the organization's website, the two were moving their operation to Roanoke, Va..."  More

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