Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Knox County, Texas

Feb 7, 2012:  Number of dead cats found in Knox County home rises to 38


The number of cats found dead Monday at an East Knox County home rose from 20 to 38, according to the sheriff's office.
Officials say the dead cats at 4535 Murphy Road were in various stages of decomposition inside locked cages and carriers. Two dead chameleons were also discovered.
Animal control officers said one room had 15 dead cats and the inside window sills had layers of dead flies.
It appears the homeowner, a woman living by herself, was staying in a front room and keeping personal belongings in the garage. Her name has not been released.
Thirty-nine live cats and six dogs were rescued from the home. The animals were taken to Young-Williams Animal Center.
Decomposing cats and feces covered many areas of the home. Authorities were tipped off by a neighbor who complained about a foul smell..."  More

Feb 6, 2012:  Dozens of alive and dead animals found in home

The Knox County Sheriff's Office is investigating a possible animal hoarding case after receiving a complaint about a smell coming from a house on Murphy Road.

After they got the complaint, they looked around, were issued a search warrant, and the homeowner gave consent to enter the home.

Once inside, the officers found between 40 and 50 live cats, between 30 and 40 dead cats, six live dogs, and a dead lizard. They are currently searching for a missing bird and a missing hedgehog. The animals displayed several signs of distress..."  More

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