Monday, February 27, 2012

Eastland woman releases ownership of about 100 dogs

By Denise Blaz

An Eastland woman whose animals were seized Feb. 19 said she agreed to release ownership of her animals Friday after the city threatened to press criminal charges against her family members.
On Monday, Mary Clark said she signed off on an agreement to give up about 100 dogs of various breeds, mainly cocker spaniels and schnauzers — as well as eight pet rats and two tortoises. In exchange, she said, the city will not charge her, or her family, with any criminal offenses.
"There's been a great deal of uproar in the city, and it's been one-sided," Clark said Monday. "We walked the dogs, two to three times a day. We've were always taking good care of the animals. All there is left is for me to defend myself."
Clark said she was not given a chance to clean up after the animals. Eight officers showed up at her doorstep without warning to take the animals on Feb. 19, Clark said..."   More

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