Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nearly 100 dogs, 5 birds seized in Pinal animal hoarding case

by Anna Gunderson

Nearly 100 dogs and five exotic birds have been rescued in what Pinal County Animal Care and Control officials are calling an extreme case of animal hoarding. One dog had severely infected bite wounds and had to be euthanized.

The dogs were found Tuesday living in what officials described as deplorable conditions at a home in the rural community of Maricopa 35 miles south of Phoenix.

Two people were living in the home with no power or running water and floors covered with garbage and several inches of dog waste.

"We worked this incident in fear for our own health," a press release from Animal Care and Control said. "I cannot fathom how the two adult residents were able to live there."
Pinal County spokeswoman Heather Murphy said 93 dogs and five exotic birds were removed from the home, which investigators described as "uninhabitable:"

"Cases such as this are heartbreakers for animal control officers," Murphy said.

The owner of the home voluntarily surrendered the animals when Animal Care and Control was on scene, Murphy said. A veterinarian will examine the animals before putting them up for adoption in the coming weeks.

An investigation is under way, and the owner faces possible charges, Murphy noted. Once the investigation is completed, it will be up to the Pinal County Attorney's office to press charges. In addition, Animal Care and Control may pursue civil or administrative charges against the owner, the spokeswoman said..."  More & photos

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