Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hogs, Dogs Removed From Home In Osceola County

A group of animals has been removed from a home in Osceola County. Authorities were called to the home to investigate two stolen mini-horses.

When investigators got to the home they said they found a case of animal hoarding.

Officers believe more than 100 animals were at a property off of Ham Brown Road in Kissimmee

The family surrendered the animals Friday morning.

Officials said that 43 animals were removed from the home initially and the rest of the animals were removed Friday afternoon.
Among the animals removed were 25 dogs, 29 hogs, five horses, four geese, two llamas and more.
Animal Control said that the animals are in various states of malnutrition and illness.

"We are taking a look at these animals. Some appear to be malnourished. We are not sure of what the health conditions are of the animals, but what we saw was enough to determine we needed to take them back to animal control for a complete evaluation," said Osceola County Animal Control spokesman Larry Krause.

Officials said they believe that the family collected more animals than they were able to afford.

Authorities said that no charges will be filed because the family is leaving the state and was cooperative in surrendering the animals..."  More

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