Saturday, February 18, 2012

Firefighters train for hoarder homes

by Laurie Merrill

Hoarding has become such a hazard for firefighters that some fire departments in Maricopa County are offering training on battling blazes at homes filled with animals and debris.
The Gilbert and Tempe fire departments, prompted in part by the recent destruction of another hoarder-occupied home that firefighters could not save, recently began holding training to handle such emergencies.

"There is an increase in hoarding," said Tempe Fire Inspector Mike Reichling. "You don't want to throw things away during an economic crisis."

Tempe firefighters, who earlier this month fought in vain to save a trash- and cat-filled house, know first-hand that hoarding is becoming an issue. It was the second debris-filled home in just over two weeks that became a total fire loss..."  More

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