Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Inside the Mind of an Animal Hoarder

Nearly 100 dogs were found in a Pinal County home living in deplorable conditions Thursday.
We see cases of animal hoarding like this too often, and it's hard to imagine how someone crosses the line from pet owner to animal hoarder.
The doctor we met with says animal hoarders don't realize they're hurting their pets -- they think they’re helping them.
It’s a sight animal lovers can barely take -- dozens of dogs being removed from deplorable conditions.
But Dr. Brian Case says those responsible believe they're giving each animal a good life.
“A hoarder actually has a belief that they are taking care of these animals and protecting these animals and is not able to mentally to grasp the fact that they are indeed neglecting these animals severely,” says Dr. Case.
The owners typically can't afford food or medical attention for the animals, but in a hoarder’s mind he or she is keeping the animals safe..."  More

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