Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animal hoarding leads authorities to S. Valley home

By: Marissa Torre

It is a severe case of animal hoarding. Bernalillo County authorities rescued nearly 50 animals from one man's home. Most were underweight, living in their own filth, and in desperate need of medical attention.
Neighbors said they knew owner, Glynn Farmer, had pets, but not nearly as many as authorities found.
The only reason deputies were tipped off was because neighbors called in worried they had not seen the owner in days. When deputies got to the house, there was an immediate red flag.
Matt Pepper, Director of Bernalillo County Animal Welfare Services was there. "It took me five minutes on scene to realize we had some serious issues and these animals needed help." 
In all, authorities rescued 21 dogs, 13 horses, 12 cats, birds, a goat, even a turtle.
"There were a large number of animals that needed attention in one way or the other, whether it was a sanitary environment or medical attention," Pepper said..."  More & video

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