Friday, February 10, 2012

Report: The mind of an animal hoarder

By Jordan Burgess

The sickening snapshots of the conditions inside the homes of animal hoarders are pictures of a problem, but seeing them is only half the story. 

"Five minutes in one of these houses and I guarantee you most folks will tell you I know what cruelty smells like," says Mark Kumpf with Montgomery County's Animal Resource Center. 

For this story, you'll have to use your imagination when it comes to the stench of animal hoarding, but its impact can be realized by reading about the heartbreaking tale of animals like Ozzy, a dog thrown in with 80 others and given little chance to survive.
This story is a glimpse inside the world of animal hoarding as seen by four people whose lives have been impacted by it. 

"Sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's dangerous, and sometimes for animals and people it can be fatal," Kumpf .."  More

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