Monday, February 6, 2012

Lumberton residents want animal hoarding problem dealt with

By Jeff Daley

Many residents in the City of Lumberton say they have been complaining to the city for more than two years about an animal hoarding problem with-in city limits.
The house where at least 40 dogs is located in the 700 block of 10th Avenue.
Neighbors say the animals are allowed to roam the fenced in property and gain access to inside the home through open windows.  They say the noise from the barking dogs disturbs them at all hours of the day and the smell from the property is overwhelming.
Many folks feel the Lumberton Police Department has been reluctant to do anything about the situation. Chief Dennis Hobson says they have had the humane society out and they are waiting for them to step in.
Those in the neighborhood are asking that something be done about it sooner or rather than later.
"It's no secret that Lumberton has had its struggles here in the past, said Cody Cameron, neighbor of hoarder. "We need to get together and make a plan of action and we need to fully support each other and rectify the situation."..."  More

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