Tuesday, February 21, 2012

4 Onondaga County towns lack SPCA contracts

Syracuse  - A number of towns in Onondaga County are putting dollars before cats and dogs.

Negotiations are ongoing between the SPCA and four local towns over a contract to provide services that could end up costing taxpayers in the long run.

Currently, towns that have a contract a contract with the SPCA can call them to respond to incidents involving animal cruelty or “animal hoarding.” The rescued animals are then housed at the Molloy Road Shelter.

Without a contract, dealing with animal incidents is the responsibility of the individual municipality.

SPCA Director Paul Morgan said the main problem a municipality will encounter is sheltering rescued animals.

“If they’ve got something going on, it’s going to be their responsibility, if they don’t sign with us, to call the Sheriff’s Department to handle it, or the local dog control officers to handle,” Morgan said. “And like I say, it’s not that they can’t handle it, because the police departments out there are very educated now and they know how to handle it. They can make the arrests. The problem is, where are you going to house the animals?”..."  More

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