Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wisconsin's Allan Roach in court for hoarding 178 cats, keeping them in fridge

Allan and Scott Roach lived with 178 cats and kept several dead kitties in the freezer of a home that stank so badly of urine it was hard to breathe.

But finally, after two years, Allan Roach has made his first court appearance on 20 charges related to animal neglect.

When officers got into the Roach's Fond du Lac home two years ago, the air was so rank it made their eyes water. Some of the cats were missing patches of hair, and some had eye infections or were missing eyeballs. One cat was so malnourished that its tongue stuck out even with its mouth closed. Some cats were wrapped in tin foil in the freezer.

The case was turned over to the Fond du Lac District Attorney, and charges were filed earlier this year after the case languished due to various bureaucratic missteps. Allan Roach told the court last week that Scott Roach has died since the charges were filed. Their home has been torn down..." More

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