Saturday, August 21, 2010

What Is the Difference Between Animal Hoarding and Animal Rescue?

By: Mary King

Nearly a quarter-million animals become victims of hoarders each year. There is a huge difference between an animal hoarder and one who rescues animals.

Animal hoarding is not the same as animal rescue, although a hoarder may think otherwise. Animal hoarders view themselves as rescuers of abandoned creatures that need a home. At the hoarder's home, the animal ends up sharing a confined living space with perhaps 50 or more other imprisoned animals. The animals suffer in extremely unhealthy conditions with little hope of finding a decent home.

Animal rescuers, by contrast, offer help to stray, abandoned, and/or injured animals. The animal may be sick, abused, or neglected. An animal rescuer usually calls on the assistance of a vet or the Humane Society. Rescuers sometimes foster animals until they're healthy enough to be adopted into a good home.

Animal Hoarding Can Ruin a Home and Lifestyle

Animal hoarding is the compulsive need to possess and control animals. An animal hoarder is someone who "collects" animals by searching for strays (active hoarder) or by keeping animals that have been left on their property (passive hoarder). The hoarder eventually becomes overwhelmed by work and the growing number of animals. He cannot adequately provide for, or properly take care of, so many pets. When the situation gets out of hand, the horrific conditions become a threat to humans living in the home...."More

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