Sunday, August 8, 2010

26 dogs rescued from house of horrors in Clifton


Rescue workers removed a throng of dogs and enough debris to fill a Dumpster from a stench-filled house of horrors on Brighton Road on Thursday afternoon, as stunned neighbors stared in disbelief and held their noses in disgust.

After nearly four hours of work under a blazing sun, Clifton officials counted 26 dogs they had rescued from the house, including one in such poor condition it had to be taken to an animal hospital, said Deputy Fire Chief Norman Tahan.

The homeowner, Joanne Zak, was arrested on multiple counts of animal cruelty, charges that could send her to jail and slap her with thousands of dollars in fines. She remains in the Clifton jail until bail is set and paid.

The city Clifton on Thursday issued an emergency order for the cleanup in order to remove an imminent health hazard, said City Manager Al Greco...." More & pictures

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