Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Steven & Heidi Friedman - Solon, Ohio

Aug 22, 2010: 38 animals killed in Solon hoarding situation: Only a misdemeanor

"...All but one parakeet were euthanized at the request of the owner, Dr. Steven Friedman. One parakeet was spared though puppies, dogs, cats (2 were found dead), a rabbit, guniea pigs and other birds were not so fortunate. The family states that they left open a bag of dog food and a child's wading pond full of water. To believe that Dr. Friedman and his wife, Heidi, considered leaving their pets in such a deplorable condition is acceptable is, quite simply, mind boggling.

Not only are the Friedmans facing charges of animal cruelty, but they also face two charges of child endangerment. Yes, teenagers were living in these deplorable conditions as well. While the Friedmans may wish people to believe that the living conditions found by law enforcement occurred in the course of a week, the reality is that the condition of the home tells otherwise. Three daughters also lived in the house that was determined to be unihabitable, ages 15, 16 and 20. A 22 year old son had already moved out.

The social issues that spring forward from this instance of hoarding are several. The issues that are suggested here include: one, that many child endangerment charges are misdemeanors, two, that 39 counts of animal cruelty are all also misdemeanors, three, that the obvious psychological disorder surrounding hoarding was overlooked by family, friends and neighbors - and just as noteworthy - went unaddressed relative to anyone notifying law enforcement, child protective services or the humane society. Fourth is the concern that a person with an advanced degree and higher education was unable to recognize or appreciate the harm created by the living conditions for children and animals and the family continues to deny the deplorable conditions in spite of overwhelming evidence otherwise. A person's belief that leaving animals unattended, in a home that is locked up in August with unacceptable provisions while the family takes an extended trip, is also concern for alarm..." More

Aug 20, 2010: Solon podiatrist and wife are both charged with 39 counts of animal cruelty and 2 counts of child endangering

By Donna J. Miller

Steven Friedman, 58, a podiatrist, and his wife, Heidi, 48, of Solon, are each charged with 39 counts of cruelty to animals and two counts of child endangering.

They are accused of keeping a rabbit, two guinea pigs, three birds and 33 dogs and cats in their feces- and urine-filled Wagon Wheel Drive home and leaving them alone in the closed-up house while the family traveled.

The Friedmans' daughters, 15, 16 and 20, also lived in the house. According to the police report: The Friedmans' neighbor called police Friday to say the couple and the three children had gone on vacation Aug. 2, leaving the house closed up and the air conditioner off. Temperatures were in the high 80s..." More

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